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Clothes, of any kind, were abstract to her kind--given the corporal form meant nothing in the Heavenly planes. More so, unlike that of the Mortal Children, her kind held no shame for the bodies they endowed or overtook--such emotions foreign and nonexistent to them. Hence when presented with the basis of needing such if solidifying to a disguise, her head had cocked in confusion towards the bizarre materials presented to her. Still, she had smiled sweetly in kind while taking the offered undergarments of the time--holding them to her bare chest while puzzling over why the need seemed urgent.

She made no question to it, though, rather simply doing as instructed while adorning the fabric that seemed stretched slightly over the swell of her buttocks pleasantly before playing with the stockings granted--still rather confused of the purpose of either pieces of clothing. Nevertheless, she bounced some while seemingly testing the authenticity of the fabric with an amused and child-like innocence even if her actions left anyone watching the view of her bare chest bouncing freely as though all was still right in the world.


Mainly because I sadly have been working on this for the past day but due to my laptop restarting--never got around to finishing. (Luckily, PS is nifty in auto-recovering if you don't save the file initially.) So, while here with Roman , decided to finish it as well as the NSFW which will be posted on here and FA. Anyway, still on my muse of the month which is my Angel Baby--Parisa--who you will all get much for familiar with her hind end because I like butts. Seriously, my FA is filled to the brim with them because Yeeeeah.

Parisa (c) FallingShootingStars

Base (c) Mzza-art@DA

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