FatBluDragon the Dragon is feeling Hungry
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Heya, welcome to the Derg Buffet!

I draw anything fur-related, especially the big and soft ones. Of course, it's not the only thing I draw, as other cute doodles, such as custom Discord emotes are sprinkled on my page, too.

If you prefer not to see all or specific kink-related artworks, make sure you blacklisted the tags you don't like or visit my DeviantArt page!

Looking for your own doodle or Discord/Twitch emotes? My commissions are always open! The only rule: First paid, first served!

Seeking a place to relax and embrace your gluttonous self? Why not join the "Fat Blu Resort" Discord server?

A place for everything Fat, Inflation, and Vore-related fun! Join now by clicking here! (18+)


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Pooltoy Art Raffle

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