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Pooltoy Art Raffle

Published: 2 weeks ago

It's time for my first ever art raffle! Actually, there are 2 raffles happening at the same time.
Take your chances to be part in a YCH commission as a beachball- er... pooltoy!

To join the Twitter art raffle, simply like and retweet the Raffle tweet.
Click here to get to the Raffle Tweet!

To join the Discord art raffle, join the fat blu resort discord server an join the giveaway in the announcement channel.
[url=discord.gg/QtQ9AdpqKX]Click here to join the Fat Blu Resort (MUST BE 18+)[/url]

The Raffle ends on the 3rd of May! No double wins allowed. If it happens, then one raffle will be rerolled.
If you end up having bad luck, fear not! The YCH will be available as a commission after the Art raffle.

May the luckiest squeaker win!

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