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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Hey, Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I hope if you're with family, things are remaining peaceful and calm!
9 months ago

Before we go down again...

If anyone found a YCH they're dying to grab, but need a male char too, Nigel's your dude! If it's romantic in nature, Nigel prefers Women and Cbois, and ideally the pic wouldn't be specifically lewd, more mature than adult. I can go in up to $50. In case furiffic goes down again, you can always ...
15/09/2018 14:52
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Feeling down and feeling silly for feeling down

I had been chatting/flirting with this girl on a dating site for like, over a week, but we really connected! Like, sharing deep stories about each other's lives connected. I would get a flutter of excitement when I saw in my email that she sent me a msg! Well, today she was like "you're super swe...
01/02/2018 23:35

Happy New Year!

Well happy new year!!! Blessings on you all this year, and only good things in your dreams! -Nigel
01/01/2018 06:08
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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! To all those who celebrate the religious aspect, blessings and I hope mass is nice and not stressful crowded, and to everyone else, peaceful family gatherings! 2017 was a really, really strange and in many ways a terrible year. But it also gave us some fantastic games...
25/12/2017 15:19
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Need more Chars!

I found a few YCHs on furaffinity that I really wanted, but I don't have a female char to go with this one! :'( Oh well, #FurstWorldProblems
19/12/2017 22:10
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eBay Sniping!

Don't you just hate it when you're on eBay, your have a good price going in and even a Max bid, but then 10 seconds out, someone comes and outbids you before you have a chance to react!! Gah!
26/11/2017 17:25