Felix Mischievox the Fox is feeling Energetic
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Hello there!

I'm Felix and I'm an UK fursuiter :3

My fursuit is made by Fursuiting.com

Fursona Information

Felix Mischievolf is a red fox but his fur isn’t red, it’s chestnut brown colour. His groin, belly, chest, and face (save the bridge of his nose) are all white. There are two black stripes across the side of his muzzle, stopping between his mouth and the bridge of his nose. His hands plus arms up to his elbows, feet and legs up to his knees, are black. The tip of his tail is white and the bace is chocolate brown with a black ring separating them.
He shares this black outline with the borderline between the white and brown on his face, his eyebrows are black and his eyes are a bright emerald green.
He has a sizeable muscular physique making it stunningly apparent that he works out, having a broad upper body and chest.


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Felix the fox

14/06/2016 09:18

tony the tiger

14/06/2016 09:18


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TheOutlawWolf posted to Felix Mischievox

12/02/2014 15:29

Did I magically appear when I sign up or did you look for me purposely :P

Larka posted to Felix Mischievox

12/02/2014 09:50

awwwwr thats good to hear ^w^ *huggles you*

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Felix Mischievox

09/02/2014 20:55

*giggles* this but is claimed =:3

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Felix Mischievox

09/02/2014 20:52

oh and my badge id is 289 =:


Bun Fluffpaws posted to Felix Mischievox

09/02/2014 20:49

hehe im no ones prey *giggles*

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Felix Mischievox

06/02/2014 09:33

rawr rawr =:3 shall pounce you at CF =:P 
what badge id did you get btw?

posted to Felix Mischievox

05/02/2014 01:14

ya need more uploads mate! ^.^ hope youre going to the Manc meet this weekend too, last i heard youre in a kerfuffle as to whether to go there or the london meet x3

Larka posted to Felix Mischievox

04/02/2014 12:02

Hello Felix! ^_^ How you doing :3

posted to Felix Mischievox

03/02/2014 20:02

hey felixx nice to see you here on Furiffic ^.^

Uluri posted to Felix Mischievox

31/01/2014 01:17

Hi there!

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