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Only discovered this site today! I'm very active on dA and FA, but I do check the others quite often :)

I'm pretty shite at 'About Me' sections, so here's some general info:

- I recently moved to South Wales

- I love animals

- IwishIhadaRabbit.jpg

- I've been doing art my whole life, started digital about 7 years ago

- I used to breed budgies in every type of colour and raise them as pets

- will sell soul for pasta??

- Message me if you want to ask anything!


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Commission Prices

Since I figured it'd be easier to keep one upload updated, instead of like, 8.. you can find my commission price/rule sheet here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24331620/ {https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24331620/} I'm not always open for comms, but if you want something, best to note me on ...
23/10/2017 03:41

Changed my DA username!

My new username on DA is FellFallow - same as my other accounts now!
15/08/2017 04:02


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Species: Folf
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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

Species: Folf
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Exindiv posted to FellFallow

26/08/2017 16:59

Thank you for the fave. ^_^

FellFallow · 26/08/2017 19:10

You're welcome :)

Bun Fluffpaws posted to FellFallow

08/08/2017 16:38

You should get a bunny, also welcome to Furiffic :3

FellFallow · 08/08/2017 23:41

I'd LOVE to but I don't live in my own place at the moment, plus a high-prey-drive terrier lives here.. one day I'll have many bunnies! Thanks by the way :)

lupeyroo posted to FellFallow

08/08/2017 16:25

Welcome to furiffic! Your art is stunning!!

FellFallow · 08/08/2017 23:41

Thanks so much! :)

FellFallow posted

08/08/2017 14:32

Just signed up, never new this site existed! I'm on FA, DA, Weasyl, SoFurry and a couple others - so excited to be starting posting! :D

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