Tobias the dinosaur is feeling Cranky
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Tobias/transgender male/british/artist/18/dinosaur lover!

I'm Tobias! I love drawing things and dinosaurs, I collect ponies, plushies, LPS and pokemon stuff! 

This little account here is a place for me to upload commissions and things relating to the world of babyfurs! I drew it once about a year ago, people loved it so I never stopped! I also draw vore, warrior cats, monsters, tmnt and journey stuff!

I cosplay Journey as well! I am a fluffy little red cloak called Pipin 

I have anxiety, panic disorder and depression so please be careful when talking to me ^^; I don't bite I'm just shy! You never have to be formal with me when it comes to commissions! 

COMMISSIONS- OPEN- Icons, and badges only!
ART TRADES- MAYBE- ask first!

My deviantart is full of monster art and I guess fetish art? Mostly drool, teeth, tongue and gore/body horror related things. I do commissions over there! Just drop me a note!


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