Fer the Dog is feeling Satisfied
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

🌈Hello everyone!
I'm Fer, 23 years old Antrho artist. I'll occassionally post NSFW here

✨My especiality is Coloful and kawaii 🌈🦄🌈

✨This is my kawaii boyfriend: Scrapper 

✨You are all invited so take a look at my art and other sites!
Thank you in advance


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Semolito Naranja

Transgender · Cat · Pansexual · Aries
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Nicknames Semolito
20/04/2018 00:54

Flansito Caramelo

Female · Cat · Pansexual · Aquarius
Role-playing No
Nicknames Flansito
16/04/2018 02:06


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