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Liane and her lover Fiachra sitting outside on a hill while the sun rises. Liane's belly is glowing with life inside.

I wanted the atmosphere to be a bit magical and I think it worked out very very well. In fact it came out much better than I expected and I hope that my commissioner will love it equally much.

Lining done in SAI, colours and shading/effects in Photoshop CS5 (12 layers).

© Liane by rabbitfangs  rabbitfangs and Fiachra by veloxfox  veloxfox
Art by me =3
MeganBryar · 15/01/2017 14:16 · 1 Reply

I remember this piece. It has always been one of my very favorite of mine and Liane's characters, both for how beautiful you made them look and for the wonderfully sweet and loving mood of the piece. I love the dawn lighting and the little fireflies all around them, and the way the two of them are looking into one another's eyes as they cradle the child that Liane is carrying. Wonderful work all around, and thank you again for putting this together for us. I still love it so much!

Feralmoonlight · 18/01/2017 11:56

I am so so happy to hear that really! I remember it well too, it was one of the first commissions I ever got when I just had my new account on FA. I tried to hard to capture the moment, it still is one of my favourite pieces I've done as well. And eventhough my style and skill improved, I don't look at this and think "brrr it looks bad"

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