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I was a little frustrated today; you see, I am still having an art block and I have been desperate to break it, so I just started sketching. A new character for me, the one I have been wanting to draw for quite some time.

I call her Marble - in real she doesn't actually have a name, she is my, how to put this, spectral form and she only comes out at night when I'm asleep. She watches over everyone dear to me.

In the end, I decided to make this another of my lineless drawings, and, half using the method I nicked from another artist, I coloured and shaded this picture and all of it in just one day! I find lineless much easier to be honest... saves me doing the line art, which is the reason I got my art block in the first place...

I am planning to make lineless art a part of my commission options, if of course, this picture receives a decent amount of appreciation.

© Art and Marble by me
- if you use her without my permission, I will be mad beyond words x.x -
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