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Experimenting with PostyBirb!

Published: 10 months ago

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Hello everybody![hr]This journal's been posted to all of my sites thru PostyBirb. And I mean all of them. At least the ones that support journals.

I would put links to them all here, but I'm doing this thing now where I try never to link SFW to NSFW accounts. That'll probably be meaningless in the long term but whatever, we'll see what happens. Now, PostyBirb would let me enter a different journal for different sites, but I'm not sure exactly how that works? I think I have to write the deviant journal once and then manually copy-paste it into all the non-default ones. That sucks lol

Anyway, PostyBirb doesn't support lists in its editor anyway. Then again, neither do 90% of the sites that support journals, maybe that's why. I have to slap bullet characters • in manually and pretend they're lists.

• Like this!
• It's pretty stanky.

The thing is that inputting a bullet character can make your dumb-as-rocks web browser go to your home page (because it's Alt + Numpad 7 and Numpad 7 is also a Home key), losing all progress on your journal in the process, so you might just want to use hyphens for lists like everybody else.


Anyway, I'm gonna figure out which of my "fallow" accounts is the furthest behind and get to work on getting 'em all caught up with this silly-ass program. We'll see if it's still a chore! x)

Here's some strikeout text to see what happens.

Dude you can right-align text too


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FibS · 10 months ago

Hm! Furiffic seems mostly compatible except for the hr.

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