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I'm real sorry it's taken me so long to get to this (~1.5 months) and I didn't even have the decency to shade it or make the BG not look like crap. : (

Drawing this took place over like three days on and off... I don't know why I just lost interest and sat there doing nothing for so long but I hope it looks good enough!

As you may know, I make a lot of versions of the same image, and I split them into separate uploads based primarily on content rating (General vs. Mature vs. Adult) so that as many people as possible get a copy of my image they don't hate. Normally, I also split the image if I have a hermaphrodite version, but because this has about eight versions and all of the other 7 are equally kinky and I don't want to spam Inkbunny / my watchers, I've only split this into two versions: Clean and Mature.

I tried to keep Braixen's shoulder fluffs as part of her outfit (I mix anthro with gijinka when I do Pokemon), but I'm not so keen on the butt-hair. Let me know if it works or not =/

(A bit of inspiration was taken from Serena's Braixen's Showcase outfit.)

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