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Hey, This account is where im going to post pictures of birds and animals I've taken while im out places, im also going to be posting pictures of the 2 baby seagulls Mike and Sully we found and are looking after

My dad feeds quite a few different birds at the garage so there will be quite a few of the same birds showing up

Theres a lesser black backed gull that comes to the garage everyday and there's 3 pigeons that come everyday

but there are more than just them


This is my art account


I just thought it would be better to keep my photos separate form my drawings


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thatBADfolf posted to Fire Kestrel

09/07/2017 13:08

Thanks for subscribing to both me and my brother! We appreciate it!

Mega_Comedy_Central · 09/07/2017 13:50

Thank you

Fire Kestrel · 09/07/2017 14:57

No problem :)  (also its me Blood-wolf  if you don't know X3 )

thatBADfolf · 10/07/2017 12:46 · 1 Reply

I knew XD

Fire Kestrel · 10/07/2017 21:33

Ok X)

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