Fire Kestrel the Kestrel is feeling Blah
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On the 19th of June while my mum and dad where dropping my brothers and sisters off at school, they saw a baby seagull running around on a very busy road, my dad went and caught it, and they brought it home and put it in the shed in a rabbit run we have. We didn't expect Sully to live long but he did. My mum and I came up with the name Sully at exactly the same time so we called him that (not sure if its male or female i just keep saying he)

He lived in our shed for awhile but we decided to bring him up to the garage, my dad wouldn't listen, and Sully ended up being attacked by other seagulls but those seagulls are now actually protecting him, now that we slowly got him outside instead of what my dad did.

Sully is doing really well, we're really glad that he is still alive

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