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Hey there! Welcome to my page.

My name's Fiver, I'm a digital / tradicional artist and I'm drawing mostly as a hobbyist nowadays.
I love traveling, making new friends and capturing new memories. I always do that when I can.
I'm fascinated by old cultures, specially the Egyptian and Mayan ones. They usually influence my art and my lifestyle.

⏩ If you have a question, or just want to know more about me, please visit my BIO.

Thank you for the visit and I hope you enjoy my gallery. 

Andean cat | Female ♀ | 21 | Straight | Brazil

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Any horror movie suggestion?

Hey, guys! ♥️ I'm looking for new movies to watch, specially the horror / macabre ones. Do you have any favourite to suggest? Preferably the unknown titles and those that haven't been seen.
20/03/2016 14:06


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