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Woof! Hello, my name is Georgie and I’m an artistic husky! I’m new to the furry fandom so bear with me if I don’t know all the slang words, abbreviations, rules and so on. I’ll try my best to get my head around anything!

I draw a lot in my spare time. I love drawing fellow furries mainly. I do draw realistic-ish portraits now and again, though. If you’d like to commission me, then feel free to ask!

If i were describe myself, I’d say I’m a sarcastic, funny, loving intellectual pooch that loves chasing cats and receiving neck rubs. I’m a friendly, approachable soul but if you cross me... well, let’s just say I have claws and I know how to use them. But I won’t use them, I tend to just run away crying and wondering why you’ve been mean to me, if the truth be told. I have similar common sense to that of an actual house pet (a.k.a nonexistent).

All work you see displayed on my page is my own unless stated otherwise.

Thanks for dropping by!


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