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They/He (I'm pretty non binary but like to lean to male pronouns!)

I'm still adding stuff right now so stop by some other time c':

Hey-o! I love dinos and birds! I draw mostly non-anthro and really love looking into doing more stylized paleoart then anything, but I still love anthro ocs <: Also im poop and drawing mammals so don't ask me c': Spent all that time lookin' at dino anatomy! Im most comfortable with Theropods and such but i've done a lot of research on Ceratopsians too! I hope to broaden my horizons tho so I gotta go look at some Sauropods and various other things sometime haha.

Im also going to LCAD for a game art major so I might not reply super quick to messages, but I want to open small commissions or adopts during breaks!


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Propane the Utahraptor

09/10/2017 04:10


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