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i love furries and im 10. my oc is a black white brown and teal fox named cookie. i make props and badges and tails sometimes for sail but normally not. my shop is called the fluffy shop. i only take fursuit commisions every year in summer.


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Everyday life as a 5th grade furry

sometimes, its hard to stand out as furry. even though i am homeschooled, i still go to an academy every thursday. tommorows my first day and i hope they accept me as a furry. ilove being a furry, that is what gives me the courage i need to stand up for being one, and also other personal things l...
2 months ago


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Role-playing No
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Painted Warrior

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Foxnfur posted

2 months ago

im thinking to buy a lavafox fursuit

greenkirell · 2 months ago · 2 Replies

A Lavafox fursuit?  Explain away~ Message me in the PM system, or you can find me here o telegram:

Foxnfur · 2 months ago

a lavafox? lavafox fursuits are cheap starter fursuits that dont fit anyone older than 13, im turning eleven next year so im gonna get one while i can. there prices normally range from 350-450. i dont think lavafox is taking commisions at

Foxnfur · 2 months ago

the moment. but i do know that her suits are a very cute and toony style. if you search up lavafox fursuits youll se an ebay or etsy(an online bidding shop.     shop) youll see some of the fursuits she has for sale

greenkirell · 2 months ago · 1 Reply

Alright. So, I'm inclined to inform you about a couple things. :3

1. I will not use another Crafters name to describe my work. So you can merely ask for a Fursuit Commission.

2. I don't do fursuit heads at the moment, due to a lack of practice. However, I do offer fursuit tails, paws/hooves, and feetpaws or hooves. To make a head would have extra fees.

3. Due to the amount of scams with minors (persons under the age of 18) in fursuit part commissions, I would appreciate a skype or phone call with you and your parents.

I can give you a quote, however, if you tell me what you are planning to commission from me!

Foxnfur · 2 months ago

hmm, well when i get my suit, im deffinetely gonna need some feet, because i wouldnt like wearing shoes at all. how much would simple white feetpaws with no claws be?

greenkirell · 2 months ago

I can do feetpaws!

Would you want Outdoor or Indoor feetpaws? And if indoor, would they have pads(if so, what color?) Also, what's your shoesize?

Foxnfur · 1 month ago

indoor with green pads, i dont normally get our

greenkirell · 1 month ago

And shoesize?

Foxnfur · 3 weeks ago

hmm i think its a children size 2 or 2 and a half possibly even 3. i dont know because one half of the shoes that i wear are 2 and some are 3 xd idk lol

greenkirell · 3 weeks ago

Well give me the size of your more every-day shoes, and I can see!

And, if you have a reference sheet I can base this off of, that would be fantastic. :3

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