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i love furries and im 10. my oc is a black white brown and teal fox named cookie. i make props and badges and tails sometimes for sail but normally not. my shop is called the fluffy shop. i only take fursuit commisions every year in summer.


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sorry for being dead lol

I'm sorry I'm not very active here, i have a youtube account where I'm more active, plus i have been working to improve my art. i have been really busy lately and have not had time to go either on fur villa nor here which really sucks because i wish i had the time.
6 days ago

Everyday life as a 5th grade furry

sometimes, its hard to stand out as furry. even though i am homeschooled, i still go to an academy every thursday. tommorows my first day and i hope they accept me as a furry. ilove being a furry, that is what gives me the courage i need to stand up for being one, and also other personal things l...
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Role-playing No
4 months ago


4 months ago


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Painted Warrior

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Foxnfur posted

4 months ago

im thinking to buy a lavafox fursuit

Foxnfur · 4 months ago

indoor with green pads, i dont normally get our

Foxnfur · 3 months ago

hmm i think its a children size 2 or 2 and a half possibly even 3. i dont know because one half of the shoes that i wear are 2 and some are 3 xd idk lol

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