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Hello, I'm Rick/BillyBobBaggyBottom/FoxxJ, and I'm an illustrator.

I'm British-born and I reside in Portugal near the coast.
I don't RP It's not really my cup of tea, unless we are talking Pen and Paper stuff.
I'm also a gamer, so feel free to add me on steam and invite me to play a co-op game if I own it and you do too.

Some years ago I took a course in animation and only recently I've decided to better my animation skills.
Now I just want to create fun animated shorts of all types. (except extreme fetish stuff)

I'm not a serious person, I'm drama free and try to avoid it at all costs.

Have a look around, if you see something you like leave a comment, send me a note and be a buddy, it's all good.


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Hello World

Interesting to get invited to a new site, no idea who sent or found me on other mediums, but I guess it's cool. Hi I'm FoxxJ, nice to meet you all. I'm an artist and animator and am working on a short movie, you can find part one here on the site. As for my older work, I'm not going to upload all...
21/08/2015 22:31


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