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Hello World

Published: 21/08/2015 22:31

Interesting to get invited to a new site, no idea who sent or found me on other mediums, but I guess it's cool.

Hi I'm FoxxJ, nice to meet you all.

I'm an artist and animator and am working on a short movie, you can find part one here on the site.

As for my older work, I'm not going to upload all my work here, just the more recent stuff.

Anyway, nice to see a new site pop up, here's hoping it will show some development soon, (especially in the video area).


BroadwayBunny · 22/08/2015 01:38

lol you too 

BroadwayBunny · 22/08/2015 01:39

It was strange to suddenly get the invite. But this place seems pretty cool. 


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  • Published: 21/08/2015 22:31



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