Foxxifye the Cat
Artist Type: Art Whore

All art uploaded here was commissioned

I drew none of it

Not an artists pls I just buy stuff

The names Foxx!

I'm a casual furry who likes to collect art. I'm an avid Pokemon Go trainer, serial Youtube video watcher, character hoarder and roleplayer.

If you want to chat or roleplay feel free to send me a message!

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Question from a newbie

Hey Furrific! Does anyone know if there's a way to organize your characters? I have quite a few and I'd love if I could move them around so my most used are at the top of the list.
31/07/2017 05:13


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Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Redblaze
A slim red she-cat with darker points and blue/violet eyes.
24/08/2017 22:31


Role-playing No
30/07/2017 20:29


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Species: dragon
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Mood: happy
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Species: Folf
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lupeyroo posted to Foxxifye

30/07/2017 19:06

Welcome to Furiffic and AAA you are using the icon I did for you here too!! ♥

Foxxifye · 30/07/2017 19:15 · 1 Reply

Ah thanks! I saw the journal you made about it on fa and thought I'd check the site out ^^ Definitely liking it so far!

lupeyroo · 30/07/2017 19:20

Yeah, it's a good one! Has so much potential :3 I've been enjoying it so far!

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