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I am so incredibly in love with this ♥
So many thanks to the incredible tohru9906 for this, she did a simply amazing job on it!

Ash has always been a pretty special character to me, and I'm just so happy that she finally has a proper ref.
Where Aria is my fursona, Ash is kinda like my persona. She's the best possible version of me that I strive to be.

Poke trainer info~
Name: Ash Sparrow
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: <a href=click" class="auto_link auto_link_shortened" originalhref="http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21346835/>click">http://www.furaffinity.net/view/213.....lick</a>
Job/Occupation: Traveling trainer
Region of Origin: Alola
Pokémon Team/Partner:
Mimikyu - Male - Lvl 78 - Play Rough, Psychic, Shadow Claw, Feint Attack
Umbreon - Female - Lvl 82 - Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Bite
Lycanroc(Midnight Form) - Female - Lvl 73 - Rock Slide, Rock Climb, Crunch, Stone Edge
Arcanine- Male- Lvl 66 - Outrage, Extremespeed, Flare Blitz, Crunch
Dragalge - Male - Lvl 54 - Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast
Vulpix(Alolan Forn) - Female - Lvl 22 - Powder Snow, Frost Breath, Icy Wind, Payback
Personality: Ash is a very independent person. She's been traveling with her team since she was 17, and depends on them more than other trainers she meets. She is fiery and sarcastic up front, but once she gets to know someone a little better, she can get a little shy. She's funny and smart, though can't help preferring pokemon over people, if only a little bit.
History (Optional): Ash is a strong and talented trainer. She completed her island challenge a little later than most, as a teenager rather than a child, Waiting proved advantageous to her, though, as her team was much more advanced and she had the knowledge to easily clear every trial. She traveled Alola for a while before expanding her horizons and traveling to other regions, battling and training her team. She's battled many gyms, though she was never too interested in taking on the pokemon league.
Crush (Optional): None, but could happen through development

Ash @ foxxifye  foxxifye
Art @ tohru9906  tohru9906
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