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My gorgeous OG sona and main Warriors oc Foxfeather has made a comeback with an anthro design! She is one of my oldest characters and holds a special place in my heart ♥

Some design notes!
-Hard to see, but her nose is speckled
-White fur and face markings are constant- all other stripes are random and can be place wherever
Feral ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19472413/

Name: Foxfeather- goes by Fox
Species: feline- cat
Gender: female
Age: 22
S/O: heterosexual
Height: 5'5.5
Weight: 128 lbs
Fox is very capable of taking care of herself, and she knows it. Being an only child, she was often smothered by her parents, and quickly grew to resent being babied. She made sure to work hard so no one would ever think he incapable again.
Fox knows that she's talented, and she doesn't mind proving it, whether she's asked to or not. She knows she's an attractive young lady, and given the chance and the right guy would be happy to flaunt it.
Fox is as hardheaded as they come. Once she's set her mind to something, whatever it may be, it will get done even if the gods themselves come down to try and stop her. She is always right, even if she may somehow be wrong, but getting her to admit it would not be an easy task
Fox is smart, and a tad sneaky. She has a sharp tongue and a quick wit to match, and her sarcasm can sometimes get her into trouble, but her charm can usually get her right back out.

Ref done by the awesome yamitali  yamitali ~
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