SkycladFox the Fox is feeling Curious
Artist Type: Writer


Female · Cat · Questioning ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Cin, Cinna
Orange tabby AnthroPet cat, equal parts inquisitive, mischievous and affectionate. ...
26/12/2019 19:55


Female · Fox · Homosexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Sho
Mysterious, melanistic, mildly magical Scottish vixen nomad largely inhabiting a world just sligh...
08/11/2015 00:12


Female · Fox · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Vee, Rena
Vibrant, hugely capable vixen you never, ever want to underestimate or take for granted.
07/11/2015 12:35


Transgender · Squirrel · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
Intelligent, musical, sensual squirrel who, after a rough start in life, is finally starting to f...
05/11/2015 23:38


Female · Hare · Asexual ·
Role-playing No
Quietly-spoken, gentle-mannered hare with a lot more depth and strength than may be apparent.
01/11/2015 17:39

Kyra Dunblane

Female · Fox · Bisexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Dusk
Matriarch of the Dunblane family and Daman of Eldermoor Isle, this is a vixen of considerable sta...
01/11/2015 12:04

Benjamin Dunblane

Male · Fox · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Ben, Benji
Adventurous vulpine with a lot of heart, plenty of spirit and not quite enough confidence.
01/11/2015 01:13

Calwyn Tregonning

Female · Dog · Bisexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Cal, Callie
A vibrant, outgoing force of furry nature with little in the way of common sense and a mischievou...
31/10/2015 16:07