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Though born physically male, and given the name Oakleaf, from a very early age neither sat well at all, conflicting with an expansively feminine character, and thus came the need to be referred to as female and by the name Rusty.  As much as her parents tried to understand and support her, a restrictive, conservative home island and pressure from wider family made life close to intolerable for her.  Salvation came in the form of Quill, one of the most capable magic users in the Archipelago, and his mysterious companion Cade, who took her under their wing.  Life since then has had many ups and downs, but now body and spirit are in much closer harmony she has at least found lasting security in herself.


1.37 Meters ยท 4 Feet, 5.93 Inches

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Intelligent, musical, sensual squirrel who, after a rough start in life, is finally starting to find herself.

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