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Alternative Cinnamon

As noted on the submission, there's an alternative version of the seventh short story available on my AO3 account, a more detailed one. I haven't posted it here as it's explicit enough to warrant raising my content rating, which I really don't want to do. It may be detailed, but it's not - I cer...
11/01/2020 00:15

Dress Sense Available

Dress Sense, a short story, is now available in eBook and paperback formats from Lulu - {} Wider distribution will hopefully follow in due course. Also, I'm not dead. :-p
01/11/2016 22:38
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I like this place!

Smooth, simple and intuitive, like an FA made with intelligence and common sense, by staff who know the value of good communication. Thus far, I have a very good feeling about Furiffic. Hopefully my work will be well-received, and I can build up a few connections. I'll be uploading m...
26/10/2015 12:52