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✦Hey there. My name is Kekai Arcasune, An Arcasune (which is a hybrid of Arcanine and Kitsune). I Am a ninja assassin who loves Writing, Skyping, IRC, video gaming, burritos, and ramen. I may come off as an asshole, but once you get to know me I can decent. I don't have a PayPal, but I do take commissions. Commissions are paid Via Amazon and Nintendo E-shop Cards. I am pretty cheap for what I do, but if you want a nice story on the cheap, I am your man.✦

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Kekai Arcasune (Main)

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Wow this site looks cool.

Most are saying that it looks like crap but it has potetial to e somethig note worthy in the future. Here is to a good future.
10/01/2015 23:02


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Replic posted to Kekai Arcasune

12/01/2015 23:14

Oh thank you!, that's very kind of you to say ^^ Welcome to the website :)

Replic · 13/01/2015 00:15

Also thanks for the watch ^^

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