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Hello! My name is Avery! 
I am an anthro artist primarily, but dabble in all sorts of works! 
I do both traditional and digital artwork!
And you can find me as "FoxyenaArts" on all my websites!
I'm very consistent so I can be easily found :3

Currently, I am in progress of creating a graphic novel titled: Illegal Coping Mechanisms! 
Keep an eye out for its debut!


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I will be revamping my character Avery Foxyena (See here: {} ) I have had Foxyena since I made them about 7 years ago. Though Foxyena was originally my business mascot, they no longer will be. My art busine...
21/07/2016 02:28

IMPORTANT Price Update!

IMPORTANT PRICE UPDATE: I am currently undergoing a complete revamp of how I price my commissions. It will consist of three separate price tiers of different types of commissions, with tier 1 being the cheapest/quickest, and tier 3 being the most expensive and time consuming. Until I have examp...
16/06/2016 20:59


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Queen Skitz

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Queen Skitz posted to FoxyenaArts

18/06/2016 03:17

*notices you and watches for more sexy posts* 0w0


FoxyenaArts · 18/06/2016 17:52


Queen Skitz · 20/06/2016 12:36


Senka posted to FoxyenaArts

22/05/2016 17:53

Ayyy nice to see you here too :3

FoxyenaArts · 22/05/2016 19:54

I saw you made one so I made one just now lol
I always lock down my name on all new websites I find haha

FoxyenaArts · 22/05/2016 19:54 · 1 Reply


Senka · 22/05/2016 19:56

That's how I feel about my name xD
I'm finally the first Senka Somewhere!

FoxyenaArts · 22/05/2016 19:59

Niiiiice ♥ I've never had someone take FoxyenaArts before, but I'm pretty good at jumping on it anyways and my name is probably big enough at this point that people would notice if there was another one by my name somewhere that wasn't me.

FoxyenaArts · 22/05/2016 19:59

I also google my name periodically to check lol

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