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Hello! My name is... well, I have several names. You can call me Franz, Francis, Frank, CJ, or Maklan. Franz is my username (duh), Francis is my real name and Frank is a nickname for it, CJ is my Pokésona's name, and Maklan was my name in my past life.

I am an otherkin host system. Me and one other spirit were born into this body, but we do not see it as our own. We have other spirits that live with us as well. I used to be a male anthro cat named Maklan in my past life, and the other spirit is Falinyera who used to be a dragon back then.

Some of my best friends are AudinEcho Luna-Midnight-Kurai shona03 Wotter16 GoWithTheFlow

I generally always have commissions open, mainly because I never get any and I'm not very popular either, so I have no reason to have them closed. Commission examples can be found under the "Commission Info" tab on my FurAffinity. If you'd rather contact me by email about a commission, you can reach me at

I can be found on any of the sites below, though you may find some of them are used less than others and I keep them instead for username placeholders to prevent any possible impersonators. (only SFW art) (only NSFW art) (SFW and NSFW)


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CJ the Mew

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CJ is my primary Sona. She represents what I like most about myself and what I wish I could be. S...
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Luna Kurai

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