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Well, kind of. If you pay any attention to my other gallery (you know who you are), you're already familiar with the circumstances of how this little guy came to be.


NOTE: Since that gallery was closed, here's the description in its entirety:

I had a rather fun dream earlier in the afternoon while trying to sleep through this miserably hot weather. I was watching Dragon Tales, or a show remarkably similar to it, where one of the older characters was asked to sit for a baby. They've had dragon toddlers on that series before, but this one was different, with a bright yellow color, a less childish voice (almost like one of the Sonic VOs, but with a more dry delivery), rectangular-rimmed glasses, and a fascination with a role-playing game of indeterminate type (tabletop, cards, video game... I don't know, and that isn't important).

Anyway, the sitter tried to convince the child that he was an expert at the game and that he had all the expansion packs, but the toddler was skeptical, calling his claims into question with the kind of cynicism you wouldn't expect from one of the characters on the show, and certainly not from a baby. As they were talking, the sitter set the child down just out of the camera's watchful eye and changed his diaper with a few deft swipes of his hands. Nothing was shown... it was handled in a tasteful and humorous way, not unlike an early episode of The Simpsons where Marge cleans Maggie with mechanical precision. However, the baby seemed to enjoy it, and stopped arguing with his sitter just long enough to let out a contented purr and give him a hug.

Like most dreams, many of the details were crystal clear while others were muddled and impossible to discern in retrospect. I couldn't tell you if it was Dragon Tales (the absence of the two racially ambiguous kids on the show suggests that it was not), and I couldn't describe the sitter at all. For all I know, the dream could have taken place entirely from a first-person perspective, with myself in that role. However, I'm pretty sure the important stuff was kept in sharp focus. The dream was a real treat after a stressful week of extreme heat and family illnesses.

I may draw the little guy when I feeling up to it. The image is fading a bit but I'm sure I can fill in the blanks. Either that or I'll ask that Fred Vegereno guy to draw him, since he's done Dragon Tales artwork before and I'm sure he can do this character justice.

Why am I posting about this, and why here? I just wanted to get this written down before I forget, because you know how quickly dreams vanish into the ether...


I don't know what I'm going to call him... I'm leaning toward Drake but Verne (you know, wee Verne?) is also a possibility.


I couldn't remember specific details, so I used this picture of a similar character as a reference. That came from a children's book, and I'm really impressed with the technical mastery demonstrated by the artist. Look carefully and you'll notice how Sue DiCicco really sells Kiki's age with minimal detail... the limbs in particular are chubby and just the right size.

Drake/Verne here isn't as impressive, but at least I've got him on paper now. Maybe I'll convince Fred Vegerano to whip up a sharper image for me. Then again, maybe I won't. I've got that "not-so-fresh-feeling" mentally and I'm not sure it would be wise for me to talk to anybody right now.
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