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If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Anyway, this character belongs to Benihime_kun  Benihime_kun. He's a Hairless Chinese Crested Dog, which I thought was a clever choice for a fursona and certainly worth drawing. A reminder for all you furries out there... come up with a refreshingly unique fursona and you won't have to pay for commissions. Artists will just draw the character for their own amusement!

Funny thing... I actually hesitated to make this picture, worried about how Benihime would react. I stopped chewing my nails to the quick and drew it anyway, because that's a really stupid thing to worry about. Come on, who's going to bitch about a free drawing?

I dunno... I've been really paranoid and jumpy today. More than usual, I mean. I need to stop thinking that everyone is lining up around the block for a chance to stick a knife in my heart. I also need to draw more real-life and still-life pictures, because I'm in a bit of a rut with the babyfur stuff and I need to break out of it.

Also! Special thanks go to technicolorpie  technicolorpie, as the color scheme I used for Benihime was patterned after hers.
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