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Took me long enough, but here's my half of a trade with BlueScales. He told me he sculpted as a hobby, so I took that factoid and ran with it. Blue is posing (and rather dramatically, I must add) with his latest creation, which in turn is holding another statue in its own palm, and on and on in that fashion until it reaches a molecular level.

Did I say I liked this pose already? Well, it's worth mentioning twice. What's even more impressive is that I didn't need a reference figure for this... it all came from that soggy gray pudding inside my skull! I also took care to differentiate this character from another blue dragon I know, my friend Azuredragon. There are no wings, the back scales look more like fins, and the frame is a bit more articulated than usual, as the character appears to be an adult from what I can gather from the pictures I've seen on BlueScales' InkBunny account.

Some problems arose in this image... I didn't outline this with a Sakura pen, thinking that it would be just fine as is. I would discover just how wrong I was after I scanned in the drawing. This forced me to go over the image with my graphic tablet, which probably took more time than it would have if I had just used the damned pen. Also, drawing over the lines makes me think that I should take another look at a vector program, to make them as crisp and clear as I can possibly make them.

As a parting note, I think I used five layers for this, including the scanned image, the outline, dark shading (set to "multiply"), and light shading (divide). There was a fifth layer reserved for a background effect, but The GIMP wouldn't let me draw within the geometric shape I'd created without drawing directly over the character as well, so I decided to skip it. Well, what did I expect from freeware?

Got this in two hours before my birthday ended! Yay!
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