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As was previously mentioned in my journal, I'm bringing a fresh face to the Woodland cast. The newcomer is a boy, because the cast was too heavily tilted toward females and I wanted to restore a gender balance. Also, he's an animal that's not common in furry fandom... in fact, he may actually be the first babyfur of his species! (No, I'm not telling you what he is... you have to guess. If I've done my job and you know your cuddly carnivores as well as I do, it shouldn't be much of a mystery.)

Right now, the plan is to make this little guy a foil for Byron; a spoiled brat with an almost hypnotic hold on his caretakers (this will be explained why later when the character is more fully fleshed out). I haven't decided his wardrobe beyond the requisite diaper, but I'm considering something that reflects his Asian heritage; maybe a red sash tied over the belly or a flowing robe open in the front.
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