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Here's Deng, giving a soccer ball a one-way ticket to the goal box. Since nobody here at FurAffinity guessed the species of this little guy, it's time to spill the beans. He's a bearcat, also known as a binturong. They're not really bears or cats, but civets with a stocky build, a comically bulbous nose, and a thick, prehensile tail. Binturongs also have the curious distinction of having the most pleasant musk in the animal kingdom, making him the object of affection for all his sitters. This is an endless source of frustration for Byron, as he's grown quite attached to one of them and doesn't like the competition!

The character design is still early, and rough. I mistook the real-life binturong's ears for a feline shape, when they're actually more bear-like, with thick tufts of fur on the ends. I may change this unless people are happy with the current design. Also, I'm having a hard time deciding what I'll do with the whiskers. They're a key feature of the actual animal, but giving whiskers to babies makes them look like they've gone through puberty ten years early. Don't be surprised if the final version of this character looks a lot different than he does now.

Anyway... questions, comments? I've got one... drawing with a mouse (as I did for the signature in this picture) is stupidly hard.
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