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Ten years ago, I used to write a webcomic called Zoo Logic. It wasn't popular, and me being me, I quit publishing it before it could become popular. One reason I ended the series was all the harassment I received ("durr, stupid furry! You can't draw for shit!" and so on and so on and Scooby-Dooby-Doo), but the other reason was because the quality was spotty. There were some genuinely funny moments, but also a lot of duds and jokes that were only relevant to the author. Over the years, new installments of the comic grew more infrequent. Then one day, Zoo Logic vanished completely from my web site, replaced with content which I felt would be more relevant to my readers.

Fast-forward to February 2011. I was housesitting for my parents, and decided to poke around their tractor shed to relieve my boredom and dig up some of my old drawings. Inside a deteriorating SNK folder was the entirety of Zoo Logic, including the simple three panel strips I'd done when the comic got its start on Josh Lesnick's web site. After leafing through the strips, I found this one, with series protagonist Clyde Clawmoore stumbling into the world of Thomas K. Dye's Newshounds. Furries are just ordinary people in Zoo Logic, but in Newshounds, they're treated like the animals they resemble. Cue wacky hijinx.

The irony is that I didn't even need to brave the elements and snoop around the tractor shed, as I already had the digitally colored version of the strip on my laptop. However, the discovery of that cache of comics was the catalyst that convinced me to publish the strip here on FurAffinity. More to come? Possibly!

Just one more thing, if you'll pardon the Peter Falk-ism. Why the hell is the dog so ripped? Evidently, the only businesses open to pets in Newshounds are fitness centers.
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