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And now for some old babyfur art, just the thing to scare off those new viewers! Up top are two drawings of Byron, with the first using the traditional artist's cheat of hiding hands behind the back and the second sporting a cloth diaper.

In the center is a drawing of Rings, once an important character in my menagerie of junior furries, but now relegated to being the dim-witted and rarely drawn comic relief. Next to him is a raccoony mech with a promising design... I really ought to go back and flesh this one out.

On the bottom is fan-favorite Sunny, dressed in the garb of a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger. Amusingly, the character would go on to HATE robots with a burning passion, so it's very unlikely that she would ever step foot in the Zord looming over her. You'll also note that this is an early version of the character, with the starburst tail that often got her mistaken for a fox and rounded, bear-like ears.

Oh, you bet your sweet bippy there's more coming!
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