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I just installed Paint Tool SAI on my computer, and decided to use the earlier sketch for :Otokonoko_Inu  Otokonoko_Inu: as a guinea pig, coloring it with my trusty but increasingly crusty Wacom Graphire 3. It's not perfect, but let me tell you, SAI is a quantum leap ahead of The GIMP in a lot of respects. It's more user-friendly for one... there's an instantly accessible color wheel rather than GIMP's annoying tendency to make you pick colors from a separate menu. Also, the option to spin the canvas is a huge plus... I find myself doing this with paper all the time to get just the right angles, and now I have that option when drawing digitally!

The only downer I've noticed is that SAI doesn't have the vast selection of filters that GIMP does. Maybe they're available as a separate download, or maybe it's something I just have to live with... I don't know.

Anyway, bon appetit!
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