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Pink Diapers, a sister from another art gallery, was kind enough to draw my character Sunny Silvers. I just had to post it here, but first, I wanted to ink and color her original sketch to really make it pop.

A few observations about this image. Sunny's gender had been a little ambiguous in the past, but there's no doubt she's a girl now! Pink did a nice job of giving the character feminine features without radically changing her design. I might have to take a few tips from her.

Secondly, I didn't really get what was up with the Jetsons-style shirt, until I looked back through my own gallery and realized, hey, I actually did draw Sunny wearing that once! It was in the Space Channel 5 tribute I had drawn a couple of years ago, which remains one of my better drawings after all this time. I thought about redrawing the shirt entirely, but I'm glad I changed my mind about that.

Thirdly, I dig the broad forearms! It reminds me of Asuka 120%, a Japanese fighting game I used to play on my Saturn over ten years ago. Here's a clip of the game in action... you can kind of see the resemblance, at least from the neck down.


Finally, that diaper is a work of art... so big, crinkly, and bulky! It's a shame it'll wind up in the garbage two hours later. However, used diapers invite diaper changes, so it's not a total loss!
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