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I wasn't really satisfied with the way the previous human Sunny turned out. It's an okay design for a character; just not for this character. So I gave it another shot, keeping some aspects of the old drawing while taking some of the geekiness out. Her eyes are visible behind a pair of square-framed glasses, and she's got star earrings to replace the markings around her eyes, but the sunflower badge on her blouse and the plum-colored dress remain.

She looks chunky in the first drawing... and vaguely like BridgeportCat, a fact which will absolutely thrill her, I'm sure. However, it's only because I've dressed her in layers, and didn't want the diaper underneath to show in the first image. I've made the outerwear transparent in the second image, and removed it completely in the third, to show off her build.

The design is still not quite there, but it's getting closer. She needs a thinner face and the skirt shouldn't be so massive either, but I think it's a better representation of the character overall. Not so Velma-esque, if you get my drift. Not that there was a problem with Velma per se...
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