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"Toya! What are you doing with your hand in the ice cream carton?"
"I was hungry, and I couldn't find a scoop..."
"You know that other people in the house might want to eat that ice cream, right?"
"Everybody knows grown ups don't eat ice cream!"
"Not with your arm hair in the carton. That's it, young man... you're getting a spanking."
"Bet I'm not!"
"Bet you are."
"Bet I'm... urrrrgh... not!"
"Oh no, the stink attack's not working this time! First you get a change, then you get a spanking. Then I'll get a new carton of ice cream."
"And a scoop!"
"And a paddle. A really BIG one."

Anyway, I procrastinated on this one, because I knew the pose was going to be tricky. Turned out all right, though!
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