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So, I was puttering around DeviantArt, looking for random people to annoy with Muro drawings, when I stumbled upon the gallery of one RF Switched. A while back, he did some spiffy pictures of the characters from the interactive web comic series Homestuck. However, it really got under my skin when he drew two of the insects in the cast as pupae, but still fully mobile. I don't know if that was his idea or the writers of the comic, but that's not how nature works! Pupae don't move. They harden, then rapidly grow into their adult forms while protected from the elements and hungry animals. Some insects don't do this (grasshoppers and praying mantises, among others), but they're not called pupae; they're nymphs.

Yes, it's pedantic, and yes, all this crap is fantasy anyway. Bear with me. To address this, I've created my own sentient insect-like species. The larva are small, squishy, and helpless, like most caterpillars. The pupae entomb themselves in a hardened exoskeleton and undergo a lengthy metamorphosis (and you thought your teen years sucked!). The adults... remain a mystery. I don't know, I haven't thought that far ahead.

One thing I'm compelled to mention is that when I first got involved in the babyfur fandom, one of the characters I created for role-playing was Dyperion, an alien bug with dreams of interplanetary conquest. Like the cicada, members of Dyperion's species live for many years in their larval form. They emerge from their pupal stage as colossal, all-powerful beings... then they die two weeks later. Ain't life a bitch?

Also, if you're out there, RF Switched, send me a note or somethin'.
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