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Do you crave artwork with the fervor normally reserved for crack addicts? Do you demand dozens of drawings, while offering nothing in return? Have you ever hounded your favorite artist night and day until they broke down and gave you your weird fetish drawing just to shut you up? Do you live in your own little world, with no grasp of basic concepts like empathy and respect for others?

If the answer is "yes," have we got a product for you! It's the Tavi-Munk™ Art Toy, by Scammo! Just wind the metal key in its back and the Art Toy will crank out any drawing you like, without objections, delays, or the reasonable expectation of compensation. Why deal with the pesky human emotions of regular artists when the Art Toy will give you anything your twisted little heart desires, from embarrassingly derivative fan characters to images that may get you arrested in 48 countries?

The Tavi-Munk™ Art Toy comes with all you see here. Pencil refills sold separately. Coming soon... the Request-O-Noy™ inflatable punching bag, with lifelike self-entitlement! It's so obnoxious and demanding, you'll swear it's the real thing!
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