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There was a line from The Simpsons that throws me into a laughing fit every time I remember it. In a desperate attempt to keep pace with a high-brow conversation, Homer blurts out, "Well, Scooby-Doo can doo-doo, but Jimmy Carter is smarter!"

While the line was unforgettable, I couldn't remember the full context in which it was used. After an online search, I discovered that it came from the show's crossover with The Critic. I was also reminded what a pretentious little git Jay Sherman can be. Hearing him smugly rattle off obscure literary references made me want to punch him in that talking stomach of his.

Don't get me wrong... I actually really liked The Critic, and have all the episodes on DVD. However, when the producers of The Simpsons squeezed Jay Sherman into that show, they upset the character's dynamic by making him the victor in a battle of wits against Homer. Jay doesn't work as a winner. He's supposed to be knocked down a peg whenever he spouts some self-important, pseudo-intellectual drivel, and on his own show, he usually was.

Without that karmic retribution to keep him in check, Jay quickly turns into the kind of pompous ass you can't help but root against. Maybe Groening was right about the crossover being a dumb idea after all...
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