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"You are entering a dimension of sight, and flushing sounds. A world where the carefree days and comfortable clothing of yesterday are left far behind. You turn left, you turn right, you hide under the couch, but there is no escape. Like it or not, you are entering... The Toilet Zone."

Who says babyfur art can't be creative and daring? Anyway, this black and white piece took a lot longer than you might think! I like it, though. There's something strikingly stark about this picture you don't often see in this genre. I want to do more stuff like this. Not EXACTLY like this, mind, but babyfur art that defies expectations.

By the way, I'll probably do a few more of those fighting game badges before MegaPlex arrives. Once the 28th arrives, that's it... the series will end. Get in those orders now before it's too late!
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