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So there's a guy here on FurAffinity who goes by the name snowefall  snowefall. He does some pretty keen diaper art, including genuinely funny comics that offer an insider's view of the AB/DL lifestyle. The only problem is that many of his pictures are in pencil only.

I'm confident that his drawings would get a lot more attention if they were inked, so I'm testing that theory out by doing the job myself. This took an hour, maybe an hour and a half to finish, but firmly believe that it was worth the time spent. I would have colored it too, but I honestly don't know what colors these two are. In this fandom they could be anything from grey and red to pink and plaid.

Once again, this is based on a drawing by Snowefall... I just inked it, making minor changes to the speech bubbles but keeping the rest faithful to the original. I hope he doesn't mind!
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