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(We visit Byron and his mother Ada about a year and a half in the future.)

Ada settled into her favorite recliner and flipped up the footrest with a tug of the lever on the side. "Man, this week was rough," she thought to herself as she reached over for a magazine lying on a nearby table. "I'm just glad it's all behind me. Now it's just me and the chair."

She heard the familiar crunch of plastic between two chubby legs, and sank in her recliner. "Oh yeah, and Byron too."

"Mom? Hey Mom?"

Ada rolled her eyes and set her magazine down. "What is it, kiddo? Let me guess, you're bored?"

The little bear violently shook his head no.

Ada took another easy guess. "Hungry?"

Byron fidgeted in place slightly. "Uh... nope."

Ada heaved a sigh and went for option three. "Oh, you're due for a fresh diaper then. All right, get my bag and I'll get you-"

"That's what I wanted to ask you about," Byron interrupted, his cheeks burning under his shaggy orange fur. "I... don't wanna wear diapers anymore."

Ada's jaw hit the floor as the rest of her hit the ceiling. After regaining her composure, she stammered out a response. "Wha- seriously? That's great... but why now?"

Byron looked away from his mother as he rocked back and forth on his heels. "Well, they don't fit so good now. None of my friends wear 'em anymore, and I just feel weird with them on."

Ada folded in the footrest and leaned down, looking her son in the eye. "You sure you're ready for this?"

Byron solemnly nodded. "I think so. I can hold in my poop if I really try, but not for too long."

"Well, if you're ready, I'm ready!" Ada lifted herself from the recliner and took her son's hand. "You're going to love the bathroom when you get the hang of it."

Ada wasn't sure of that, but she knew she was going to love this.

She gently led her son into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. "Okay, first thing we'll need to do is get you undressed. Let's lose this diaper..." She peeled away the tapes on the front and let the plastic-covered pants drop to Byron's ankles.

The little bear giggled as he felt a gentle breeze dance across his freshly exposed bottom. Ada lifted him from the floor and set him down on the toilet.

"Now we just put you on the potty. Think of this as your poop chair... when you've got to go, just sit here with your pants down and wait 'till the fun starts."

Byron raised an eyebrow. "What's fun about this? It's just a chair, right?"

Ada set a hand on the cub's shoulders. "Shh. Just relax. You know how to hold the poop in... now just let it come out."

"How long is this gonna... uh... urrgh!" Byron tightly held the sides of the bowl and crushed his eyes in a squint. He felt something snake its way out of his bowels before finding a new home in the water below. Ada beamed brightly as she heard the splash... this was actually happening! Her son wouldn't be the last kid on the block to master the toilet. That dubious honor would go to the Silvers across the street.

"Hey, I did it!," Byron shouted as he looked up at his mother with a proud grin. "Still not sure I'd call this fun, though..."

Ada lifted the little bear from his perch and set him in front of the bowl. "Oh, the best is yet to come. Just watch this..." She tapped a button on the water tank, and Byron was instantly captivated by the toilet-bound tempest. As he watched his waste get swept away in the undertow, he squeaked, "Wow, how did I miss this?"

Ada shrugged as she swept a few sheets of toilet paper between her son's fuzzy cheeks. "You never wanted to use the potty before."

Byron spun around on his heels and looked at his mother with one eyebrow arched. "What else have you been keeping from me?"

Ada rolled her eyes. "Okay, show's over. Let's wash your hands and we can get that diaper back on you." She sat him on the sink, turned on the faucet, and lathered up a sweet-smelling bar of soap.

"Do I have to?," Byron moaned as Ada briskly rubbed soap suds on his paws. "I used the potty so I wouldn't have to wear that thing!"

Ada nodded. He earned his freedom. Besides, what was the harm in a little nudity? It's not like they were on Earth or something. "Okay," she replied, wadding the old diaper up and tossing it in a nearby trash can. "Just tell me when you need to go and you can go without. And tomorrow, we'll get you some training pants; something you can be proud to wear in front of your friends."

"Thanks, Mom!" Byron hugged his mother's leg, then ran off into the living room. The crinkle was gone, and so was a chapter of his childhood.
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