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I pulled an all-nighter on this one. I hope it shows, but if it doesn't... uh, you'll have to take my word for it.

Anyway, Sirius recently purchased a reference sheet, and supplied me with a lot of information about his character. Some of it is paraphrased from the original document, while other data is expressed through images. Once you're done reading this, you'll know Sirius like a brother... or at least the family pet.

My one regret about this reference sheet is that I invested more real estate on text and that fancy brushed metal background than artwork. Well, there are two regrets, but the second is that GIMP doesn't know how to properly emboss or engrave letters, forcing me to settle for a kludgy substitute.

(Kicks GIMP. Again.)

But enough of that! It's probably not proper to use someone else's commission to promote an entirely different drawing, but I'm going to do just that, because I'm iconoclastic like that. Out of the blue, snowefall drew a comic of my character Byron, which was supremely hilarious and a great way to wind down after seven hours of drawing and, uh, gimping. I demand that you click this link... demand it, I say!

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