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...uh, come again?

Anyway, this was my half of a trade with agouti-rex, featuring his friend and podcast cohort aurelina. I drew them as Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge, the Korean odd couple from SNK's King of Fighters series. It seemed like the right way to go, since Aurelina is very, uh, reubenesque, while Agouti's character Melvin is kinda runty by comparison.

By the way, I went back and played some of the old Neo-Geo games in preparation for this drawing, and let me tell you, they're still brilliant fifteen years later. KOF '97 is a little stiff, but there's a great selection of characters, and the running theme of the televised world tournament, which I didn't appreciate at first, has really grown on me. It was one of my favorite Saturn games back in the day, and it's even better without all that loading time.
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