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Whew, got this badge done with a week to spare! Anyway, this is Kenny Kitsune dressed as the Red Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Fun fact... I actually had this as part of the Orange Box, but never played it at all. At the time I think my Xbox Live subscription had lapsed, and I figured that it would be pointless to try. I eventually brought the game back to GameStop, and to this day I have not played a single minute of TF2. Sure I could try it for free on one of my computers, but judging from the sadsack performance of Street Fighter IV on my desktop, it's probably best I keep it off my to-do list.

Anyway! I sketched this out on paper, then finished the inkwork and coloring on my netbook. To say it was a tight fit would be an understatement... I got a memory error shortly after adding a fifth layer if that gives you any idea. The seven whopping inches of screen probably wasn't too healthy for my eyes, either.

This is mostly finished. I can't remember if Kenny had white hands and feet; if so I'll be uploading a revised version of the picture shortly.

EDIT: They were brown paws! I've been getting markings wrong left and right lately, as Jeffy will attest. Anyway, hit that F5 key for the changes!
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