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Check it out, I finally cracked two figures! And in the time it took for Toddlergirl to do a hundred pages of her own comic! Heh...

Anyway, for those of you who've forgotten after all this time, Elle, Byron, and their caretaker Lynn went garage sailing in the last installment of the comic. That shopping trip is cut short when Byron finds something tucked in the garage that wasn't really up for sale. (Or to sum it up in a sentence lifted from The Simpsons: "Byron's antics annoy the other Woodlanders... hoo hoo hoo!")

This... took a while. I may have miscalculated when I decided to turn this script into a comic. I'm not even halfway through... at this rate, you'll probably read the conclusion sometime in 2016. LATE 2016.

Oh yeah, there's some babyfur bait late in the comic. See if you can spot it!
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